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Your Place for Everything Delos

by Kenny J Owens – Leader – Speaker – Author

The Place to Find Practical Proven Solutions

“Mechanism of Accomplishment”
“Structure for Fulfillment”
Delos Leadership Vision:
Bringing together pioneers in innovation for the benefit of all
Life altering technologies, transforming lives, & motivating Americans

Delos – An Island near Greece where the healing arts were given out to mankind
Delos World – the future after the final defeat of Evil
The Delos Cosmology – your guide to Delos Info
The Delos Vision – a vision of how the world works properly
The Delos Plan – a plan to reveal the Delos vision to all
The Delos Report – a report of the global, national, regional,and local issues
The Delos Doctrine – the doctrine of how to work effectively together
The Delos Agenda – the planned areas of initial efforts
The Delos Principle – the principle of how things work correctly
The Delos Properties – the properties which make the defining difference
The Delos Project – the project to place structures to put things into existence
The Delos Proclamation – proclaiming the Delos agenda
The Delos Declaration – declaring the end of the Mayan era
The Delos Strategic Wellness Initiative – the end of disease
Delos SuperPak – electing representatives who believe in wellness
DelosPedia – inspiring stories, insights, revelations, and events
DelosWiki – Delos vocabulary, lectures, speeches, information

The Delos Agenda

The Delos Wellness Vision
The Delos Wellness Plan
The Delos Athletic Vision
The Delos Academic Vision
The Delos Leadership Vision
The Delos Political Vision
The Delos Prosperity Vision
The Delos Relationships Vision

Delos – Your Place for Real Solutions

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Developed by Kenny J Owens

The Delos Wellness Plan

Delos – Bringing Together Innovation

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